103 Girl Names That Start With R: Ravishing & Radiant (2024)

It’s hard not to adore girl names that start with R when they’re all regal, ravishing, and radiant!

Like beautiful blooms, female names that start with R are nothing short of rosy, and we’re here to share some of the most remarkable choices among them. Each with their unique and colorful meanings, origins, and more, you’re sure to fall in love with this rainbow of R names for girls.

Get ready to keep reading, as your daughter’s R name is about to be revealed…

103 Remarkable Girl Names That Start With R

These radiant R names for girls are perfect for rosy-cheeked beauties.

  1. Rachel – a very popular pick among women’s names that start with R, meaning “ewe,” in Hebrew.
  2. Radmila – this chirpy Slavic girl’s name means “happy, gracious” for a baby girl born smiling.
  3. Rafaela – a Spanish feminine form of the Hebrew Raphael, meaning “God has healed.”
  4. Ragnhild – the most badass of Viking names for girls, meaning “warrior” or “goddess” from Old Norse.
  5. Rahi – a spiritual name after the heavenly Hindu goddess.
  6. Rain – romantic and dreamy, this weather-inspired name is perfect for a baby born in a shower.
  7. Raina – a Slavic name meaning “queen,” or Spanish, if you spell it, Reina.
  8. Rainbow – a rare yet spectacular name for a baby with the most colorful personality.
  9. Rajani – an exotic and mysterious Indian name meaning “dark one.”
  10. Ramona – this strong Spanish name is fit for a warrior queen, meaning “wise protector.”
  11. Ramsay from Scottish, this aromatic name comes “from the island of wild garlic.”
  12. Ramya – a Hindi girl’s name like a ray of sunshine, meaning “beautiful, charming, delightful.”
  13. Rana – a spectacular international name of various origins and meanings, each uniquely beautiful and joyous.
  14. Randy – a typically American nickname with Germanic origins, meaning “shield, wolf.”
  15. Rani – this dreamy Hindi name means “queen” for little monarchs in the making.
  16. Ranne – a unique Dutch entry among protective R names for girls, meaning “shield.”
  17. Rapunzel – an uncommon fairytale entry among R names for girls with the longest hair.
  18. Raquel – this spicy Portuguese form of Rachel is full of sass.
  19. Raven – a strikingly dark black pick among names for girls that start with R inspired by animals.
  20. Ray – a light-filled name meaning “wise protector” as a unisex short form of the male Raymond.
  21. Raya – meaning “friend” in Hebrew, a great pick among Disney princess girl names with R.
  22. Raylyn – fusing the luminous elements of Ray and Lynne makes this fresh, modern, American girl’s name.
  23. Realta – a rare Gaelic name meaning “star” for astronomy lovers.
  24. Réaltín – the cutest Irish girl name for a “little star.”
  25. Rebecca – a “captivating” and hugely popular Hebrew name, with Becky or Becca as perfect nicknames.
  26. Rebel – a badass pick for a mischievous little troublemaker.
  27. Reese – a charming celebrity name meaning “enthusiasm, ardor,” from Welsh.
  28. Regan – or Reagan, with the majestic meaning of “regal,” with scary horror movie connotations.
  29. Regina – a royal and commendable Latin girl’s name meaning “queen.”
  30. Regla – this Spanish word name means “rule” for a leading lady.
  31. Reid – or Reed, both English surnames used as gender-neutral first names for “red-haired” individuals.
  32. Reign – with the same appeal as Rain, yet with that effortlessly regal spelling.
  33. Remedy – this medicinal word makes a standout girl name, perfect for healing and protection.
  34. Remi – a gender-neutral French name meaning “oarsman” for a kid whose heart is on the water.
  35. Ren – meaning “water lily” in Japanese or a rare spelling variant of the bird name Wren.
  36. Renata – meaning “reborn,” this everlasting name is fit for the newest namesake in your family.
  37. Renee popular as a middle name, this gorgeous pick has the vibrant meaning of “born again.”
  38. Renia – a Polish form of Renata, meaning “reborn.”
  39. Rey – this epic Star Wars heroine’s name means “king” in Spanish and sounds full of sunshine.
  40. Rhea – inspired by the Greek mother goddess, this 4-letter name means “earth, ground.”
  41. Rhetta – a unique yet spicy-looking feminine form of the English male name Rhett.
  42. Rhian – as a Welsh female name, Rhian has the dainty meaning of “maiden.”
  43. Rhona means “power,” a great option if you love strong Gaelic female names that start with R.
  44. Rhonda – loud and vibrant; Rhonda means “good spear” or “noisy.”
  45. Ria – a short form of Maria, but also a great alternative to the “river” male name Rio.
  46. Richeza – a regal Slavic name meaning “wealthy,” for bestowing all the hope for riches upon your daughter.
  47. Rihanna – like the iconic singer, whose international name has meanings including “great queen” and “basil.”
  48. Rikki – full of sass and confidence, Rikki is a fun, feminine form of Richard, meaning “brave ruler.”
  49. Riley – a popular English unisex name, meaning “brave” and “rye clearing,” depending on where you’re from.
  50. Rionach – the most majestic of Irish female names that start with R, meaning “queenly.”
  51. Ripley – one for the sci-fi fans, this cool surname-turned-first-name refers to a “strip of land clearing.”
  52. Rita – meaning “pearl,” this vintage name shines like a hidden gem.
  53. Ritva – a gorgeous choice among foreign R names for girls, meaning “hanging branch” in Finnish.
  54. River – this unique English word name is filled with serenity and beauty.
  55. Rivka – a traditional form of Rebecca, captivating us with its meaning of “to bind, to tie.”
  56. Robbie – full of “bright fame,” this is a fun nickname from Roberta.
  57. Roberta – from the masculine Robert, radiating “bright fame” and “glory.”
  58. Robin – cozy, festive, and petite; Robin is the prettiest of bird-inspired girl names that start with R.
  59. Robyn – an ultra-feminine way to spell the unisex name, Robin.
  60. Rocío – a sweet, literary Spanish name for a morning-born baby, meaning “dew.”
  61. Rocky – a trendy, gender-neutral name for a strong and steadfast kid.
  62. Róisín – pronounced “roh-sheen,” this sweet Irish name has the adorable meaning of “little rose.”
  63. Rolanda – means “wise ruler” and is a uniquely feminine form of Roland.
  64. Romaine – like the type of lettuce, also a French girl name denoting someone “from Rome.”
  65. Romilly – similar to Romaine, this French name means “citizen of Rome” and offers many adorable nicknames.
  66. Romina – this Arabic female name means “from the land of the Christians,” as in “from Rome.”
  67. Rona – a form of Rhona that hits differently after the Coronavirus pandemic.
  68. Rondeletia – a standout choice among lesser-heard, flower-inspired names that start with R.
  69. Ronnie – a short form of Veronica, or various other names featuring that “ron” sound.
  70. Roopa – if your daughter has been “blessed with beauty,” consider this spectacular Indian name for her.
  71. Rory – meaning “red king,” this traditional Gaelic name is more typically used for boys.
  72. Rosa – the delightful Spanish word for “pink” for a girl with rosy cheeks.
  73. Rosalia – a Latin “rose” name, also borne by a saint.
  74. Rosalie – a lovely French spin on Rose names, holding all the beauty of a rose garden.
  75. Rosalind – means “beautiful rose” in Latin.
  76. Rosamund – unlike other “Ros-” names, this German pick means “horse” and “protection.”
  77. Rosanna – combining Rose and Anna gives this perfect, Victorian-sounding girl’s name choice.
  78. Rosaura – a rare Spanish name combining the rosy “pink” with an element meaning “golden.”
  79. Rose – the most beautiful of floral girl names with R initials.
  80. Roseigh – a rare yet pretty way to spell Rosie that’s sure to turn heads.
  81. Rosemary – a lovely English name inspired by the herb, meaning “dew of the sea” in Latin.
  82. Rosie – a joyous and youthful variant of Rose.
  83. Rosita – any “little rose” will bloom beautifully with this dainty, 6-letter Spanish name.
  84. Roswitha – this rare Old German name isn’t related to Rose but means “strong fame.”
  85. Rowan – a type of tree believed to offer sacred protection, also meaning “the little red one.”
  86. Rowena – this R name has both Celtic and German roots, with meanings including “fame” and “spear.”
  87. Roxana – of Greek roots, this sassy name means “bright star” or “sunlight.”
  88. Roxanne – like Roxana, but with an elegant, more sophisticated spelling.
  89. Roxy – a fiery nickname for Roxana or Roxanne, spelled Roxi if you’re feeling extra-cheeky.
  90. Royce – is great if you love fancy cars; this unisex German name means “fame, royal.”
  91. Roz – a retro nickname from names such as Rosalind with that “roz” sound.
  92. Ruarí – a traditional Irish form of Rory, also suited to both boys and girls.
  93. Ruby – a sexy gemstone name, connoting images of deep, vivid red.
  94. Rue – it does mean “regret,” but we still think this name is one to bear with pride.
  95. Ruf – an unusual yet sweet 3-letter Russian girl’s name, simply meaning “friend.”
  96. Rufina – a rare yet fluffy pick from Roman and Latin origins, meaning “red-haired.”
  97. Rumi – this radiant Japanese female name has various meanings, including “beauty” and “flow.”
  98. Runa – or Rune, like the ancient markings holding “secret lore.”
  99. Runo – for literary lovers, this Finnish name meaning “poem” is sure to shine.
  100. Rusty – the cutest nickname for a little redhead.
  101. Ruth – a charming Hebrew girl’s name to bestow upon a daughter you see as a “compassionate friend.”
  102. Ruusu – a trendy entry among “rose” names for girls, Ruusu is Finnish in origin.
  103. Ryan – although common for boys, this cute “little king” name would sound sweet for a girl.

R Names for Girls FAQs

What Are Some Rare Girl Names That Start with R?

Girl names such as Rebel, Rainbow, and Remedy are all rarely-heard R names for girls, while longer names such as Rapunzel and Rondelita are sure to stand out, too. If you like unique international R names, consider Ruusu, Réaltín, or Ranne.

What Unisex R Names Are There?

Many R names are gender-neutral, and our top picks include Rowan, Reid, Riley, Ryan, Ray, and Robin. Rory is a good choice, along with its traditional spelling Ruarí, and we also love nicknames such as Rocky, Randy, and Robbie.

What Vintage Girl Names Start with R?

Ruth is a fabulous, old-fashioned girl’s name that starts with R, and names such as Rhonda, Renata, Rita, and Roberta also sound vintage. If you like “Rose-” names with that vintage appeal, consider Rosalind, Rosemary, or Rosamund.

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103 Girl Names That Start With R: Ravishing & Radiant (2024)
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